Do we match?
Help us find better ways for the world to work.

Are you curious by design? Do you go the extra mile to make things happen? Do you care about your work and about others? If yes, you are one of us. At Reborrn, we are passionate about igniting change and inspiring people to go beyond the obvious and unlock their full potential. Are you in for the thrill? Then, jump onboard with us!

đź‘Š Values

We choose to be the underdogs. We try harder and push forward. Against all odds. We are brave. We challenge the status quo. We never play safe. Even at the expense of not being the Number One.


We are always seeking for impact. We make change happen, delivering results for our clients and our clients’ customers. We simplify, we take shortcuts. Great work is better than perfect work.


We like being open, honest, and sincere. We put candor before politics and rounded talks. We know that being straightforward and truthful is not easy. We choose to do it because it’s hard. Because it has the most impact in the shortest time period.


We go for Company > Team > Self. We don’t accept the “this not my job” mentality. If someone spills coffee on the floor, we pick-up the mop and clean the mess. We care.


We are curious by design and want to improve by getting better every day. Even if it’s just 1% better. We always try to find better ways to do things. We experiment. We empower others to learn by trying. We give ourselves permission to fail.

Recruitment Roadmap
Application review
Our application is hustle-free! We won't ask about the story of your life. In 5' max, you'll be ready to hit submit!
Let's meet each other
You'll get an invitation from us! We'll meet through a VC and get to know each other. This stage is critical, we want to hear and see the real you!
Structured interview
We'll dive deeper into your experiences, your cultural fit, and ask you LOTs of questions. This can take multiple forms: a Case Study interview (don't worry, we'll brief you beforehand, it is our style!) or a straightforward interview.
Is there Chemistry?
Chemistry calls with internal (or if external, more folks from the hiring company) for you to get to know the environment you'll thrive in!
We always make sure to draft an offer letter that will blow you away! An offer you won't be able to reject! Or if you do, we'd like to know why!
đź’Ş Benefits
All you can read books policy.
Growth Opportunities.
on Remote Working.
Office space at the heart of Athens.
Private Medical Insurance.
Public Transport Travel card.
Kick-ass tech gear.
Unlimited Vacation policy.
Cool Sunglasses once a year.
Subscription for Electric Scooter or Bike.