Business Process & CRM Optimization Consultant

Job description

REBORRN is a fast growing hybrid of consultants & makers that challenge how a modern consultancy should look like in the Digital Economy. We provide business & product consulting to visionary companies like Google, Coca Cola CEE, L'Oreal, and G4S SEE with an expertise in Management Consulting, Digital Strategy, Advanced Analytics, Digital Products and People Operations

On behalf of one of our clients we are looking for a Business Process & CRM Optimization Consultant.

You will be part of a team that will change how a multinational organization operates. You will have the opportunity to transform the full consumer journey from the 1st interaction to billing and customer support. 

During this journey you will also optimize how the employees in the organization operate, making them more efficient & effective.

This role involves “re-thinking processes”. We are looking for someone not to marginally optimise an existing process, but to re-think it entirely. To challenge if the process needs to be in place and what are the necessary tools to make it 10X better. 

How your day to day looks like

Mapping & Design of Processes (20-30%) Your goal is to make everything better and easier for the end users (employees & end customers). You will constantly need to get feedback from the stakeholders and make all processes better. This involves shadowing employees, creating focus groups with customers, trying out different tools. Whatever it takes to make it better.

Platforms Customization & Implementation (35-50%) Strategy is nothing without proper execution. That's why you will be responsible to setup & customize the platforms we use (from CRM and email automation to payment systems) or work with IT and development teams where needed. You'll also need to make sure that employees follow the process and enforce compliance where needed.

Training & Change Management (20-30%) Most digital transformation projects fail not because of bad technology systems but due to failure to effectively communicate the changes, train people and support them along the way. You will organize and deliver training sessions to teams across the organization, coach employees on a one-to-one basis and be an ambassador for change.

Support (10-20%) Sometimes things break. You are the go-to person when something is not working properly. After receiving & evaluating a support request you can either fix what's broken, improve the process or manage the team that are responsible for providing a solution.

Reporting (10-20%)

We need to know how things are going and be able to improve based on these insights. You'll be responsible for creating reports for the management teams or setup different reporting templates for various stakeholders


What’s different about you is that you see the big picture. Understand how industries work, how companies operate and what needs to change. Business understanding is more important than knowing all the technicalities.

You have the ability to structure a large amount of information within a process framework. Your job will often involve mapping existing processes and designing new or improved ones. You must also make sure that the process you design can deliver actual business results and be able to measure these results.

You have a solid understanding of modern CRM & ERP platforms. Think of CRM systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot and the likes. You know how to customise a platform to make it work for the end users, not the other way around.

You have some experience with Email Automation platforms (e.g Mailchimp), BI tools (e.g Google Data Studio or Tablaeu) and flow diagramming tools (e.g Visio or Mindmeister)

You are not a developer, but you have an understanding of protocols like SOAP, WSDL, XML and how APIs work. If you don’t know coding you’ll have to take a development crash course, before starting in this position. Though you won’t need to code anything, you will work closely with developers & IT departments

You have worked with multidisciplinary teams in the past. It’s easy for you to communicate with developers & IT guys but in the same time you can lead a meeting with Sales & Accounting bridging any gaps between departments.

You are good with people. You have influencing skills and you can intuitively understand what motivates them. You are also good in training people and stand by their side to help them achieve their goals.

You are naturally structured and disciplined, able to cope with tons of small tasks throughout the day without missing a deadline (don’t miss that deadline, punctuality is super important for us).


We don’t believe in offering trivial perks to our people. Our most important perk is offering you a workplace with the market’s top talent and the chance to thrive.

Additional Benefits:

  • Mobile Phone (Device & Usage)
  • Private medical insurance
  • Travel expenses
  • Kick ass tech gear
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Flexible on Remote working
  • Seriously competitive salary

This position will be based in Athens, Greece. You will work 4 days / week on our client's HQ (Northern suburbs) and 1 day / week on our offices in downtown Athens.