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Job description

REBORRN is a management consultancy based in London and Athens. We are a fast growing hybrid of consultants and makers on a mission to challenge how a modern consultancy should look like in the Digital Economy. We work with visionary organisations like The Coca Cola Company, L’Oreal, Bayer, Philip Morris international across geographies, with a deep expertise in Strategy & Management Consulting, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Business Process Optimisation & Organisation Design.

As a Consultant, you will work with one of our Partners or other Sr. Consultants and help Fortune 500 Companies and mature Startups thrive in the Digital Economy.

Job requirements

😇 Who are you?

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in developing and implementing marketing strategies for large clients, with a focus on customer journey optimization and marketing performance. 

  • You have 4-6 years of experience in Ecommerce management, CX consulting, Performance marketing or similar roles. Background in or experience in the tobacco industry will be considered a plus.
  • You probably studied Marketing, Economics, Engineering, Business Administration, or similar.
  • You have a strong understanding of marketing metrics and the marketing funnel and can use data to inform your recommendations and strategies. 
  • You have strong organizational skills and the ability to take ownership of projects and manage them from start to finish.
  • You are genuinely interested in how large organizations work and find solving complex problems exciting.
  • “Digital” is your second nature. You are familiar with digital platforms (like a CRM system, a Marketing Automation platform, a Digital Analytics platform, etc.), you can understand how digitally-native consumers behave, and you are a geek in digital tools and technology.
  • You are good with spoken and written words and can effectively communicate complex ideas and concepts in English.
  • You are a fast learner and have a “can do anything” attitude.
  • You are curious by design. You always try to find better ways to do things. You experiment, and you learn by trying. You never stop looking for the correct answers.
  • You are a team player. You’re not a lone wolf; your natural setup is working with others.
  • Last but not least, you care. You care. At Reborrn, we don’t accept the “this is not my job” mentality. If someone spills coffee on the floor, we pick up the mop and clean the mess.

💪 How your day to day will look like

As we have a lean structure, you will work closely with a REBORRN Partner or Sr. Consultant, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement. A big part of your job will be developing and executing marketing/ CX strategies for large clients, focusing on customer journey optimization, marketing performance, and data-driven decision-making. 

Some specific work examples include: 

  • Running stakeholder interviews to gather critical project information and understand the challenge at hand.
  • Running a physical or virtual workshop with the aim of aligning teams to a common goal or helping them break new ground in their field.
  • Visualizing complex customer journeys with the goal of improving the customer experience of a product/service.
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, lead nurturing, and customer acquisition.
  • Providing recommendations on reducing churn and early-late user abandonment.
  • Auditing and improving performance on multiple aspects of a client’s marketing funnel
  • Doing academic research and synthesizing findings to create a document/presentation
  • Developing and presenting detailed reports and recommendations to senior stakeholders, outlining potential solutions and the expected impact.

In all of the above cases, you will be working in a fun, supportive but very fast-growing environment. So expect pressure, change of priorities and tight deadlines. It’s definitely not your comfort zone but you’ll never get bored. We promise.

Remote Working: Although we would like to see you at the office a few times a week, we are fully flexible with strong candidates that prefer to work remotely. So if you live outside of Athens, Greece, expect that you will need to travel probably once a month (all travel expenses are covered), and when there is a client engagement that requires your physical attendance (e.g. for a Design Sprint)

💰 Salary & Benefits.

We believe in paying fairly and above average, even when it comes to entry-level positions. Going beyond financial compensation, we don’t believe in offering trivial perks to our people. Our most important perk is offering you a workplace with the market’s top talent and the chance to thrive.

Additional Benefits:

  • Free Travel Card for Public transport or free e-bike subscription
  • Private medical insurance
  • Kick ass tech gear
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Flexible on Remote working
  • All-you-can-read books program