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Design Sprint Consultant

Job description

REBORRN is a management consultancy based in London & in Athens. We are a fast growing hybrid of consultants & makers on a mission to challenge how a modern consultancy should look like in the Digital Economy. We are working with visionary companies like, The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, , G4S SEE and L'Oréal with expertise in Management Consulting, Digital Transformation, Advanced Analytics, Digital Products and Organisational Design.

We are currently looking for a Consultant who will mainly focus on Design Sprints projects, but not only. While they will mostly focus on Marketing related sprints, the ideal candidate will be multidisciplinary and an on-the-fly learner, eager and able to step-up to any challenge - from an organization design project to building a new business in two weeks.

Job requirements

Who are you.
You are probably a Marketeer with a great business acumen. You have at least 5 years of experience either in a corporation, a startup, a consulting firm or an agency - a combination of those would get our attention.

You are an engaging facilitator. You are good with people and know how to energize a group. You know the magic formula of asking the right questions and how to help everyone focus on the challenge at hand, either in a remote or a physical setting.

You live and breathe to solve problems. You don’t just facilitate a session. You deep dive into the challenge by understanding the market as well as our client’s business. You have strong quantitative analytical and conceptual problem solving skills combined with outstanding business acumen. And of course, you understand design thinking and design sprint methodology as a design-led approach to solve problems. That last part is super important.

But we don’t only care about what you can do, we also want to know who you are!

You are a fast learner and you have a "can do anything" attitude. You will not hesitate to delve, head first into any kind of challenge, even if you have never done it before and even if it's not part of your role. Seeking feedback is as important as breathing for you and you believe that mistakes are excellent learning opportunities. Finally, you are naturally structured and disciplined, able to plan a design sprint to the detail and then execute it without missing a deadline.

You are tech-savvy, and you constantly search how technology and new tools can make your life easier. You are curious by design and proactive! We definitely need a team player so for you it’s company>team>self. We are flexible on remote working, so knowing how to stand independently and be self-organized is important too.

How your day to day will look like.
You will be working in a vibrant environment, so you can never expect to have just another typical day at work. It’s definitely not your comfort zone, but you will never get bored, that is a promise. And It doesn’t end here. You will always be more than welcome to get exposed to different departments within Reborrn and jump into cool projects that resonate with your personal interests. At Reborrn, we are huge fans of cross-functional collaboration!

As we have a lean structure, you will be working closely with a REBORRN Partner and a Senior Consultant. Our team is very diverse in terms of background, superpowers and perspectives. Expect to work on a daily basis, next to data scientists, product designers, management consultants and organizational designers.

As a Design Sprint Consultant, you will lead, design and facilitate Marketing-focused design sprints. This means that you will spend your days either onboarding yourself to the challenge and our client by taking interviews, designing the flow and exercises, preparing our POV or any other supporting material or taking care of all the logistics and the communications. Most of our design sprints are now held virtually but some of them are going back to the physical setting.

We are huge fans of the fit for purpose approach, so it would be safe to expect that no design sprint will be the same as the previous one. Brace yourself for always seeking a new way of doing things!

What kind of design sprints do we usually run? The Marketing-focused ones may range from designing a new campaign, to defining activations, and even designing the company’s global customer engagement model!

When not working on marketing design sprints, you may find yourself involved in Organization Design sprints, or Product Design sprints or any other REBORRN project as a matter of fact :)

In any of the above cases, you will be working in a vibrant environment, so expect intensity and fast change of priorities from time to time. It’s definitely not your comfort zone, we are a startup. But you will never get bored, we promise.

Sounds interesting? Then take a look at our benefits package below.

Benefits. And it doesn’t end here.

Our most important perk is offering you an energy-laden workplace with some of the market’s top talent and an opportunity to thrive. Apart from that, here are some highlights:

  • Kick ass tech gear

  • Unlimited Vacation Policy

  • Private medical insurance

  • Flexible on Remote working

  • Growth Opportunities

  • All you can read books program

  • Free Travel Card for Public transport

  • Amazing office space at the heart of Athens

  • Subscription for Electric Scooter or Bike