Executive Recruiter/Associate

Job description

Reborrn is a fast-growing hybrid of consultants & makers that challenge how a modern consultancy should look like in the Digital Economy. We provide business & product consulting to visionary companies like Google, The Coca Cola Company, Vodafone, G4S SEE, Microsoft, and L'Oréal with expertise in Strategy & Management Consulting, Experience & Product Design, CRM & Data Activation and Organization.

We are expanding our Executive Search Experience team operating within our awesome People Operations division!

Sounds fancy? It’s not. Being part of the team may not be your typical executive recruitment job. We are looking for makers, folks who can actually get things to the end. And that means going above and beyond the call of duty. We are looking for that rare blend of operational and strategic; able to see the whole picture, to challenge, to build relationships based on results-orientation with an ownership mindset.

So what's the elevator pitch?

Simple. We are laser-focused on burning red-tape, we are trail-blazing a new approach to Executive Search by giving our clients, be they the European start-ups, scale-ups, or corporations with a deep-seated interest in digital transformation a service that is based on maximum added-value and an allergic, visceral reaction to fluff and BS (the work justifies the price, not the fancy powerpoints....). No recycled profiles. True added-value. The type of value that comes from challenging our clients, integrating their strategic focus, and being propellers of ROI.

Executive Search is about creating a new paradigm.

Happy with that? Read on.

Who are you.

We don’t really care about your MBA, your business or your university alumni, we’re more focused on who you are and what you can do as part of the Executive Search Experience team.

We are looking for that rare blend of operational and strategic; able to see the whole picture, to challenge, to build relationships based on results-orientation with an ownership mindset.

You have 3-5 years in executive search in an Associate role with a track record of recruiting top talent (ideally in tech or digital sectors) at a regional or global level, either in a firm or from within the corporate world, or both! You know research like the back of your hand, you can contextualize (industry-specific knowledge, key executives, life-cycles, etc.), you can devise a search strategy on the spot. Critically, you ask the right questions. You are blazing fast, you don't settle, quality is the only metric that matters to you.

You are an excellent problem solver and challenger. You always confront challenges with a result-oriented approach and a healthy mix of strategic and creative thinking. You have a strong record of proactivity and great self-management skills. And you do all this, while also maintaining a keen eye for detail.

You are a fast learner and you have a "can do anything" attitude. Seeking feedback is as important as breathing for you and you believe that mistakes are excellent learning opportunities. You are definitely good with people.

You are a digital native, you understand tech! You are curious by design and proactive! Knowing how to stand independently and be self-organized is important too.

Last but not least you care. At Reborrn we don’t accept the “this is not my job” mentality.

What’s your day to day.

Our team is very diverse in terms of background, superpowers, and perspectives. Expect to work on a daily basis, next to data scientists, product designers, management consultants, and organizational designers.

We don't really believe in strict hierarchies, we view ourselves as procrustean beings, continuously stretching our comfort zones to make things happen!

In short, you will work with a consultant on projects (C-Suite searches, succession planning, and myriad associated fields). But that is reductive. In reality, you will be interviewing on the phone, on the Zoom (or F2F when that comes back), you will be presenting to clients, in search strategy meetings, in pitch meetings, and many more touchpoints across the journey. Essentially, you will be a critical part of the growth of the team.

More importantly, we are a start-up, we don't box you in. You feel you can do more, you'll have the space and the support you need! We are not here to play politics, we are here to disrupt, create a new paradigm, and deliver! You will grow and be exposed at every turn. But you will never get bored, we promise!

Sounds interesting? Then take a look at our benefits package below.


Our most important perk is offering you an energy-laden workplace with some of the market’s top talent and an opportunity to thrive. Apart from that, here are some highlights:

  • Unlimited, self-managed vacation policy
  • Private medical insurance
  • Business mobile phone contract
  • Kickass tech gear of your choice
  • All you can read books program
  • Work from anywhere policy
  • Amazing office space at the heart of Athens

Job requirements