People Operations Consultant

Job description

REBORRN is a fast growing hybrid of consultants & makers that challenge how a modern consultancy should look like in the Digital Economy. We provide business & product consulting to visionary companies with an expertise in Management Consulting, Digital Strategy, Advanced Analytics, Digital Products and People Operations.

We are looking for a rounded People Operations Consultant to work with a REBORRN Partner and help Fortune 500 Companies and mature Startups grow their teams in the Digital Economy through HR Consulting on Talent acquisition/management and cultural transformation.


Consulting 30% - 50%

As we are a lean team working on a wide spectrum of Engagements, you will be working closely with the Partner on a wide range of challenging projects. From designing a framework to re-skill an enterprise of 600 people by changing their organisation’s habits, to advising a medium size company’s leadership team to rethink its structure or helping a startup accelerate its talent acquisition process.

You will find yourself in a meeting trying to turn around a business challenge, using always People as a starting point. But most often, you will find yourself building staff, creating solutions, searching for the best tools to solve that business challenge. You’ll never get bored. We promise.

Talent Acquisition 50% - 70%

We are not headhunters, because we are not interested in getting paid for hiring people for whatever role or industry. But we know very well that Digital Transformation is a people story and finding the right Talent is Key. Since most of our projects are about helping organisations change and thrive in the Digital Economy recruitment is a big part of our job.

A substantial part of your role will be using technology and your recruitment skills to identify the right talent to fit an organisation. Most usually these recruits will be part of a wider scope of work to help an organisation change.

Besides reactive, your role will also be proactive by creating talent pools within an industry or specific roles, by sourcing talents from universities, map industries and being part of community events and gatherings.

In any of the above cases you will be working in a very fast growing consultancy, so expect pressure, change of priorities, tight deadlines and over hours. It’s definitely not your comfort zone. We are startup.



We are not even sure if you’ve worked in an HR Role before, but most probably you had 3-5 years experience in a relevant role.

What’s different about you is that you get to see the big picture. Understand how industries work, how companies operate and what needs to change. Business understanding is more important than knowing the ins and outs of how an HR department works.

You are a storyteller. Great storytellers are good in writing short but meaningful documents, stand out in C-Level meetings no-matter how senior they are, and have the necessary passion to persuade a top tier professional that is time for a change in his career. All these are big part of your role.

We are looking for you, not because you are a seasoned HR executive but mostly because of your attitude. You are a fast learner and you have a “can do anything” attitude. Seeking feedback is as important as breathing for you and you believe that mistakes are an excellent learning opportunity.

You are good with people. You have influencing skills and you can intuitively understand their talents and what motivates them.

You are naturally structured and disciplined, able to cope with tons of small tasks throughout the day without missing a deadline (don’t miss that deadline, punctuality is super important for us).

You love technology, you are savvy, and you constantly search how technology can make your life easier. Before anything we choose you because you are a culture fit. You would intuitively throw the best office party for Reborrn


You studied in a serious academic institution and you took far beyond what the curriculum gave you.

Above all, you are passionate, you create your own opportunities and you are naturally curious about everything!


We don’t believe in offering trivial perks to our people, although we do offer some. Our most important perk is offering you a workplace with the market’s top talent and the chance to thrive.

Additional Benefits:

  • Mobile Phone (Device & Usage)
  • Free Travel Card for Public transport
  • Private medical insurance
  • Kick ass tech gear
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Flexible on Remote working
  • Seriously competitive salary